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Smaller incisions. Quicker procedure. Faster recovery.

The minimal scar technique

Motiva MinimalScar® is a minimal-incision breast augmentation that uses the smallest possible incisions with a more comfortable recovery for you, thanks to:

  • The durability and flexibility of Motiva Implants®
  • Specialized training provided to your Motiva® surgeon
  • Innovative surgical tools developed for minimal incisions

How small is the scar?

The roughly 2.5 cm incision used in Motiva MinimalScar® is about half the standard size of a traditional breast augmentation incision, lowering post-op risk and leaving you with minimal to no scarring.

How is it done?

Due to the implant's characteristics we are able to insert the implant through a smaller incision. We use the "no touch" technique: contact with the skin is avoided to minimize the risk of infection. A "sleeve" is used to introduce the implant.