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A breast implant designed to mimic the look, feel and movement of natural breast tissue.

How does it work?

The implant is designed to move naturally with your body. Ergonomix® implants are designed to follow a woman’s movements – holding a round shape when she is lying down and forming a natural-looking, sloped silhouette when standing. As a result, Ergonomix® is able to mimic how real breast tissue looks, feels, and moves. The breast feels more natural and implant edges are much less visible and palpable.

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Breast projection

“Projection” or “profile” are terms used to describe how far forward a breast implant extends from your chest wall, which is a significant factor in how proportionate breasts can appear relative to the rest of the body.

Different projections (in combination with other factors) flatter different frames. Your Motiva® surgeon will help you determine the best match for you with the help of our surgical planning tools.

Depending on the model you select, Motiva® breast implants can come in one of four possible projections:

  • Mini – our lowest projection
  • Demi –moderate-low
  • Full –moderate-high
  • Corsé – our highest projection
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