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Breast augmentation

The breast is a symbol of femininity. A breast augmentation is one of the most popular procedures in plastic surgery. A breast augmentation can be done with implants, lipofilling or a combination of both (hybrid breast augmentation). Women prefer to have a breast augmentation because of:

  • asymmetry between both breasts
  • volume loss and desire to have a fuller breast
  • tuberous breast pathology
  • after pregnancy with volume loss and breast sagging
  • to restore self esteem and self confidence
  • replacing old breast implants

The initial visit

In our practice we perform a lot of breast reconstructive procedures. Due to our experience we have a clear view and opinion of how an ideal breast should look like:

  • natural with soft touch
  • aesthetically pleasing with good volume distribution (lower pole)
  • dynamic result
  • stable result at the long-term
  • comfortable for the patient
  • the impact of a breast implant on the surrounding tissues should be kept at a minimum
  • respect the anatomic boundaries of the breast

We discuss your expectations and wishes as well as the feasibility of the surgical approach. You will be offered the opportunity to have a 3D simulation of the final result (

The procedure

We use the ergonomic Motiva implants in our practice. The advantage of ergonomic implants is that they adapt their shape to the position of the breast (round when lying down and teardrop-shaped when standing up). We also use the MinimalScar technique; implants are introduced through a surgical incision of 2 - 4 cm.

  • day clinic admission
  • general anesthesia
  • surgery takes one to two hours depending on the technique
  • support bra for three weeks
  • no sport activities for six weeks
  • whenever feasible an implant position in front of the muscle (prepectoral)
  • resorbable stitches

Risks and complications

Every surgical procedures can inflict complications but in general a breast augmentation is a very safe procedure. Potential complications are:

  • numbness of the nipples (mostly temporary)
  • infection
  • poor wound healing (smokers)
  • hypertrophic scars
  • asymmetry
  • allergic reactions to the bandages