preparing for lipofilling for aesthetic and plastic surgery
What is lipofilling?

Lipofilling or fat transfer removes fat and transplants it somewhere else. Lipofilling is used in reconstructive and aesthetic surgery to treat soft tissue defects or to rejuvenate the tissues.

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Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation with fat grafting is a very attractive technique. However, it is indicated to add small volumes. Specific areas of the breast can also be treated to rejuvenate the breast.

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Stem cells

Fat is a highly dynamic tissue. It is highly vascularized and contains a population of stem cells that can be used in regenerative medicine. Those cells are called the adipose derived stem cells (ADSCs).


Research in fat grafting focuses on trying to understand how transplanted fat survives. Adipose tissue engineering is a discipline that investigates whether it is feasible to grow fat that can be transplanted.

Dr Filip Stillaert

Dr Filip Stillaert is highly interested in the applications of fat grafting. He did research in adipose tissue engineering and published several manuscripts on lipofilling and fat grafting research.

Lipofilling procedures

Discover how lipofilling is used in plastic and reconstructive surgery. Fat grafting has been introduced in aesthetic as well as reconstructive procedures.

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Other plastic surgery procedures

Have a look at other plastic surgery procedures and see how it works. You will find all information regarding breast reconstruction, traditional breast augmentation, etc. and the new devices that have been introduced into the clinic.